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[1] Luc Beaulieu, Alexandre Carette, Sylvain Comtois, M Lavigueur, Philippe Cardou and Denis Laurendeau,
"A brachytherapy simulator with realistic haptic force feedback and real-time ultrasounds image simulation for training and teaching",
in American Association of Physicists in Medicine, (Austin, Texas, USA), July 20-24 2014.
[2] Marielle Mokhtari, Éric Boivin, Denis Laurendeau, Sylvain Comtois, Denis Ouellet, Julien-Charles Lévesque and Étienne Ouellet,
"IMAGE - Compex Situation Understanding: An Immersive Concept Development",
in IEEE Virtual Reality Conference Proceedings, (Singapore), March 2011.
[3] Martin Otis, Sylvain Comtois, Denis Laurendeau and Clément Gosselin,
"Human Safety Algorithms for a Parallel Cable-Driven Haptic Interface",
in Symposium on Brain, Body and Machines (in Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing), (Montreal, Quebec), pp. 187-200, Springer, November 2010.
[4] Jean-Philippe Jobin, Sylvain Comtois, Clément Gosselin, Robert Faguy and Denis Laurendeau,
"The Castelet: a Dynamically Reconfigurable Stage for Performing Arts",
in Proc. SIGGRAPH 2007, (San Diego, CA), Aug. 5-9 2007.
[5] Alexandra Branzan-Albu, Denis Laurendeau, Sylvain Comtois, Denis Ouellet, Patrick Hébert, André Zaccarin, Marc Parizeau, Robert Bergevin, Xavier Maldague, Richard Drouin, Stéphane Drouin, Nicolas Martel-Brisson, Frédéric Jean, Hélène Torresan, Langis Gagnon and France Laliberté,
"MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras",
in International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2006), (Hong Kong, China), August 20-24 2006.
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[6] Éric Samson, Denis Laurendeau, Marc Parizeau, Sylvain Comtois, Jean-François Allan and Clément Gosselin,
"The Agile Stereo Pair for Active Vision",
Machine Vision and Applications, vol. 17, no 11, pp. 32-50, April 2006.
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[7] Sylvain Comtois, Denis Laurendeau and Edwin Bourget,
"A Real-Time Computer Vision System for Tracking of Underwater Benthic Larvas",
in MVA2002, (Tokyo, Japan), Dec. 11-13 2002.
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[8] Sylvain Comtois,
Conception d'un microstimulateur optique en vue d'une dissection de l'information visuelle animale
, Université Laval, Juillet 1999.
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[9] Denis Laurendeau, Clément Gosselin, Sylvain Comtois, Thierry Laliberté, François Blais and Frédéric Loranger,
"A Random Access 3D/2D Vision Sensor",
in Proc. VI-98, (Vancouver BC), pp. 93-100, June 18-20 1998.
[10] Denis Laurendeau, Clément Gosselin, Sylvain Comtois, Thierry Laliberté, François Blais and Frédéric Loranger,
"Random Access Range Finder for Active Vision",
in Proc. 10th IMDSP Workshop(H. Niemann, H.-P. Seidel, and B. Girod ed.), (Alpbach, Austria), pp. 215-218, July 12-16 1998.

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