The REPARTI Seminars at Université Laval are held on Fridays at 11:30 a.m.
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REPARTI Seminars
The REPARTI seminar program is available on the web site given in the title above.

Colloque REPARTI Workshop
The REPARTI Workshop takes place every year since 2007 at the end of May, either at Laval University or at McGill University. The three research themes of REPARTI are the following: (1) Perception, (2) Modelling / Reasoning / Learning and (3) Interaction. Here are the programs of some of the REPARTI Workshops held in the past few years:

REPARTI Workshop 2017: program
The morning session includes an invited talk given by Prof. Sven Dickinson, University of Toronto. The afternoon session is devoted to a job fair where REPARTI professors and students will be able to meet representatives from 24 companies working in the areas of artificial vision, machine intelligence and robotics.

REPARTI Workshop 2016: program
Former REPARTI graduate students who started their own business were invited to talk about their experience with start-ups. The afternoon session was devoted to a poster session including 33 posters presenting research results from each of the research themes of REPARTI.

REPARTI Workshop 2014: program
This year the theme was the research of the young REPARTI professors.

REPARTI Workshop 2013: program
This year the students prepared oral presentations concerning their research results, involving all three REPARTI themes. The presentations were followed by an informal visit of the Robotics and Computer Vision and Systems Laboratories.

REPARTI Workshop 2012: program
A plenary session on the renewal of REPARTI was held during the morning. The afternoon session was devoted to a poster session with a special invitation to new REPARTI student members.

REPARTI Workshop 2011: program
This workshop focussed on REPARTI's new researchers who were each invited to present their work, together with one of their students.

REPARTI Workshop 2010: program
This year the two main founders of the ERPARTI labs were invited to present the CVSL lab at Université Laval and the CIM lab at McGill University.

REPARTI Workshop 2009: program
This workshop focussed on the collaborations with users where 3 invited speakers gave presentations concerning the ARTS, HEALTH and SECURITY.

REPARTI Workshop 2008: program
This workshop gave an overview of the activities from all of the network laboratories. A visit of the labs of McGill University was given during the afternoon.

REPARTI Workshop 2007: program
This workshop was the first major scientific event of the REPARTI network and took the format of a kick-off meeting. Several REPARTI students and professors presented their research results.

Atelier QERRAnet Workshop
The QERRAnet Workshop was held on Friday, November 14, 2003 at the Musée de la Civilisation in Québec City.

International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2002)
August 11-15 2002 - Quebec City Convention Center


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