Research Facilities







Researchers have access to a network of computers, a cluster of Pentium-type PC's running Windows 2000, Linux and QNX for distributed and real-time computing, and a robotic testbed. Researchers may also utilize specialized equipment such as real-time acquisition and processing systems, high resolution video storage and processing units, 3D and thermal cameras, radiometers, and a work cell for biological vision. Comprehensive software resources are available for image analysis, symbolic computation, neural network simulation and real-time parallel processing.

The CVSL is also equipped with a virtual reality cell, comprising a stereo projector, a 2.7 m x 2.1 m screen. This cell, which is connected to a cluster, is used as an engine for simulation in virtual and augmented reality. Furthermore, several devices are currently being integrated to this environment in order to increase the level of presence of an individual through visual, haptic and acoustic feedback.


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