The research activities of the laboratory focus on
The CVSL is a member of REPARTI (Regroupement pour l'étude des Environnements PARTagés Intelligents répartis). REPARTI is a center studying distributed intelligent shared environments. Founded in April 2006, REPARTI is a strategic center (regroupement stratégique) of the FQRNT (Fonds québécois de recherche sur la nature et les technologies).

Many CVSL research projects are targeted towards robotics or biomedical applications and are carried out in collaboration with industrial partners. The main collaborative projects are:
  • MONNET: Monitoring of Extended Premises: Tracking Pedestrians Using a Network of Loosely Coupled Cameras;
  • E-Inclusion: Development of powerful audio-video tools that will allow multi-media content producers to improve the richness of the multi-media experience for the blind, the deaf , the hard of hearing , and the hard of seeing;
  • COBVIS-D: COBVIS-D : A simulation environment for the evaluation of cephalo-ocular behaviour and visuel pattern on drivers;
  • SKALPEL ICT: Simulation Kernel Applied to the Planning and Evaluation of Image-guided Cryotherapy;
  • COGNOIS: Communication and Observation toward a Generic Natural Ontogeny for Intelligent Systems;
  • VERTEX: Virtual Environments: from 3D Representations to Task planning and Execution;
  • VRES: Virtual Representation of Existing Sites.
  • MiViM: Multipolar Infrared Vision. To solve the key problems limiting the use of infrared vision in classical and new multipolar civilian applications.

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