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Mar 3 2017 11:30AM

Dinh-Son Vu
Laboratoire de robotique
Dép. de génie mécanique, Université Laval

Trajectory planning and control of a Belt-Driven Locomotion Interface for flat terrain Walking and Stair Climbing


This presentation deals with the motion planning and control algorithms for a belt-driven locomotion interface that allows the rendering of an infinite virtual environment in which a user can walk on a level surface or walk up (or down) stairs. It mainly focuses on the development of the cancellation algorithm that generates the infinite virtual environment for a given finite footprint of the locomotion interface. First, the kinematics and the dynamics of the locomotion interface as well as the strategy implemented to lower the apparent inertia of the end-effector and to deal with the swing phase of the gait are summarized. Then, the cancellation algorithm that renders the infinite motion within the finite workspace is introduced. Finally, preliminary experiments depict the use of the mechanism to render the described virtual environment, namely level floor, ascending and descending stairs.

Please note that the seminar will be given in room PLT-2548 at 11:30 a.m.


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