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May 21 2015 11:30AM

André Gallant
Laboratoire de robotique
Dép. de génie mécanique, Université Laval

Parametric Trajectory Optimisation For Increased Payload


The load-carrying capacity of manipulators is often considered to be the same throughout their workspace. However, the actual capacity of manipulators largely depends on their posture, their velocity, their acceleration and the limits of their actuators. In this paper, a method is proposed to increase the payload capacity of manipulators through trajectory optimisation. This optimisation is performed on a task basis and therefore, the load-carrying capacity varies from task to task. An extensive analysis of the method is conducted based on its application on a planar RR serial two degree-of-freedom manipulator. This analysis evaluates the ability of the method to find feasible trajectories and compares the results with those obtained using Bang-bang type methods. It is shown that, although the trajectories produced by the proposed method are not time optimal, the method is much more versatile and much simpler to implement than its Bang-bang counterparts.


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