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Nov 14 2014 11:00AM

Yannick Hold-Geoffroy
Laboratoire LVSN
Dép. de génie électrique et de génie informatique, Université Laval

Stéréo Photométrie avec conditions d'illumination inconnues


Photometric stereo allows the reconstruction of objects in 3D from a single camera. Unlike traditional stereo methods, the camera is kept fixed and only the lighting conditions vary. This technique has been available for several years, but most of the work in this field is limited to laboratory experiments, where capture conditions are perfectly controlled.

In this research project, our goal is to apply this method to external scenes, where lighting conditions are uncontrolled. We propose to develop new models to better understand external lighting to apply them for 3D reconstruction by photometric stereo. Thanks to this new approach, large-scale scene reconstruction will now be possible, while being cheap and very precise.

As this project just begins, this presentation will focus on the intuitions of our team and their new possibilities. We would greatly like to have your feedback, ideas and comments on the subject, so come in large numbers!

This project is being conducted in collaboration with Jean-François Lalonde (Laval), Jinsong Zhang (Laval) and Paulo Gotardo (Disney Research).
The presentation will be in french.

Note: The seminar will be presented at 11:00 a.m. in room PLT-1120.


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