Travel Through Parallel Worlds: Interactive Simulation using Virtual Reality
François Rioux
Denis Laurendeau (Supervisor)
Problem: We want to provide scientists who study complex systems with an interactive simulation tool which allows their systems to be more easily understood. The main problem we wish to address is the visualization and movement both spatially and temporally through various parallel worlds generated by the simulator.
Motivation: Systems currently studied are becoming more and more complex and it is necessary to be able to more easily understand these systems in order to more easily operate them. Simulation is a useful tool since it enables the discovery of different components and various characteristics of the systems. There are however some problems which must be addressed, including visualization and data management.
Approach: A generic software framework will be developed to allow data to be visualized and reorganized, analyze parameters and travel through various virtual worlds. A CAVE virtual reality environment, available at DRDC-Valcartier, will be used as a visualization tool.
Challenges: The challenges are on the software level, since current visualization systems are not sufficiently generic to be adapted for use on a large scale. Data management is also a considerable challenge, since simulators typically generate gigs of data.
Applications: The study of the complexity of military systems, as well as biological and medical systems, etc.
Calendar: 2005-2008
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