Head Motion Tracking in 3D Space for Drivers
Frédéric Ntawiniga
Denis Laurendeau (Supervisor)
Problem: The majority of the systems for Head motion tracking in 3D space use accessories that facilitate the tracking but are often cumbersome for the user. That is why a simple, autonomous and robust system capable of tracking the head motion in 3D space without any extra accessory is needed.
Approach: To track the head motion in 3D space, two cameras are used to capture gray scale image sequences. These images are used to detect facial features which later serve during the stereoscopic matching at the time of 3D reconstruction.
Challenges: To develop a rather robust system because not all facial features of interest are always present in each image. The system should adapt to the possible accessories which the users may wear such as glasses and a hat.
Applications: The results of this project will be directly used within the framework of the project COBVIS-D (Cephalo-Ocular Behaviour and Visual Search Patterns of Drivers) which is a multidisciplinary project to analyze the behaviour of the drivers. Results can also be used in user interface applications. The other applicability is in virtual reality while tracking the head motion.
Expected results: A System which provides the position of the head in 3D space.
Calendar: September 2005 - September 2007
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