Design of a graphics rendering module for the APIA simulation framework
Frédéric Matz
Denis Laurendeau (Supervisor)
Problem: The quality of immersion in a virtual environment largely depends on the visual quality of the environment and the variety of available interactions. However, the use of complex visual virtual environments requires a great deal of resources in terms of graphics rendering, which greatly reduces the time available for the execution of the simulation itself.
Motivation: This project strives to develop a graphics rendering module for the APIA simulation framework, in order to facilitate the management of complex visual virtual environments and the efficient interaction with actors in the environment.
Challenges: The main challenge of this project involves the integration of different recent technologies in the area of computer graphics, so as to improve the visual quality of virtual environments, optimize the performance of graphics rendering and add realism to the modeling of virtual environments.
Applications: With an improved graphics rendering module, the APIA simulation framework will be able to develop simulations targeting complex and more extended virtual environments. For example, the system could be used to develop a simulator for the deployment of military troops in an urban zone.
Calendar: September 2004 - April 2006.
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