Framework for Collaborative Work in Augmented Reality: Application to Urban Crisis Management
François Dinel
Denis Laurendeau (Supervisor)
Problem: Cooperative remote work implies that several users in different physical locations interact simultaneously in the same augmented reality environment. The goal of this project is to develop a software platform enabling two users in two different physical locations to manipulate simple objects belonging to a virtual environment residing on a server. The first part of the project involves the development of a portable software interface facilitating the use of a glove in the context of object manipulation. The second part of the project involves the development of a software platform enabling two users to visualize the virtual environment on two different 3D displays (and connected to the server containing the description of the virtual environment via a high speed Ethernet link) and to manipulate the objects located in this environment using the glove.
Motivation: Cooperative remote work in the context of augmented reality enables tasks to be performed which require cooperation between users in different locations. Numerous reasons can prevent several users from being at the same place at the same time. This project aims towards allowing these tasks to be completed despite distance barriers.
Approach: The research methodology consists in carrying out a literature review of comparable systems. We will then analyze the needs with respect to the application considered and define the software architecture which will address these needs. The architecture will be implemented using C++ and the prototype will be tested on the virtual reality platform of the Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory at Université Laval.
Challenges: The main challenge of this project involves the development of a software platform which will take into consideration the inherent constraints in the use of a network and exploit the quality of service resources offered by different communication links.
Applications: Cooperative work in the context of augmented reality is at the forefront of technology, allowing interaction with other people and/or objects in complex simulations in several areas such as national defence, urban operations and medicine. In fact, this project is being carried out in cooperation with the RDDC-DRDC Valcartier.
Expected results: It is expected that the software interface for the glove will be completed, as well as the software interface for remote work. This project will be carried out using the methodologies proposed by software engineering.
Calendar: May 2003 to January 2005
Support: Laboratoire de Vision et Systèmes Numériques at Université Laval. Collaborative work with DRDC Valcartier (Defense Research and Development Canada at Valcartier).
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