SKALPEL-ICT - Simulation Kernel Applied to the Planning and Evaluation of Image-guided Cryotherapy

The principal objective of the SKALPEL-ICT project (Simulation Kernel Applied to the Planning and Evaluation of Image-guided Cryotherapy) is the development of a virtual environment for the simulation of liver cancer cryotherapy. This simulator will mainly be used to plan the configuration and the positioning of the cryo-probes for an image-guided cryo-surgical intervention. Moreover, the prototype of the simulator will constitute an excellent training tool for future surgeons.

The design of a simulator of this type involves several challenges related to the multidisciplinary nature of the project, which imposes the use of a modular approach. Presently, we are developing simultaneously three parallel models in the SKALPEL-ICT project: the thermal model associated with the prediction of the temperature of an ice-ball, the geometric model associated with the 3D reconstruction of hepatic tumours and the mechanical model which reproduces the real deformations of the liver and force feed-back during the cryo-probe insertion process. The final phase of the project will deal with the integration of these three models into a dynamic virtual environment which will allow the planning of interventions as well as the training of surgeons.

Project title    Investigator(s)    Level
   Management of the temporal conformity of a dynamic virtual environment    Éric Boivin (Student)
Denis Poussart (Supervisor)
Denis Laurendeau (Co-supervisor)
(1/2002 - 12/2005)
   3D Reconstruction of hepatic tumours from interventional magnetic resonance images    Denis Laurendeau (Supervisor)
Alexandra Branzan-Albu (Researcher)
   Postdoctoral project
(9/2001 - 5/2003)
   Fast computation of non-linear and visco-elastic mechanical forces and deformations for surgery simulation    Jean-Marc Schwartz (Student)
Denis Laurendeau (Supervisor)
(9/1999 - 9/2003)



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