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[1] Karol Lina Lopez, Christian Gagné and Marc-André Gardner,
"Demand-Side Management using Deep Learning for Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles",
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol. 10, no 3, 5 2019.
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[2] Karol Lina Lopez and Christian Gagné,
"Optimal Scheduling for Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles using Dynamic Programming",
in Proc. of the Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018.
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[3] Kevin Tanguy, Maxime Dubois, Karol Lina Lopez and Christian Gagné,
"Optimization Model and Economic Assessment of Collaborative Charging using Vehicle-To-Building",
Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 26, pp. 496--506, 10 2016.
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[4] Christian Gagné, Kevin Tanguy, Karol Lina Lopez and Maxime Dubois,
"Vehicle-to-Building is Economically Viable in Regulated Electricity Markets",
in Proc. of the IEEE Vehicular Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC), 10 2015.
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[5] Karol Lina Lopez, Christian Gagné, Germán Castellanos-Dominguez and Mauricio Orozco-Alzate,
"Training subset selection in Hourly Ontario Energy Price forecasting using time series clustering-based stratification",
Neurocomputing, vol. 156, no 25 May 2015, pp. 268--279, 2015.
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[6] Darwin Brochero, François Anctil, Christian Gagné and Karol Lina Lopez,
"Finding Diversity for Building One-day Ahead Hydrological Ensemble Prediction System based on Artificial Neural Network Stacks",
in European Geosciences Union (EGU), Geophysical Research Abstract, April 7-12 2013.
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