PGP2X: Principal Geometric Primitives Parameters Extraction

Zahra Toony, Denis Laurendeau and Christian Gagné

Abstract - In reverse engineering, it is important to extract the 3D geometric primitives that compose an object. It is also important to find the values of the parameters describing each primitive. This paper presents an approach for the estimation of the parameters of geometric primitives once their type is known using 3D information. The primitives of interest are planes, spheres, cylinders, cones, tori and partial instances of the latter four types. The proposed approach extends methods found in the literature for planes, spheres, cylinders and cones and proposes a new method for dealing with tori. The results of the proposed method are compared to approaches found in the literature as well as with ground truth values. The proposed method can be applied to the estimation of parameters of geometric primitives of synthetic CAD models as well as for models of real objects acquired with 3D scanners.

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