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[1] Sébastien Quirion, Chantale Duchesne, Denis Laurendeau and Mario Marchand,
"Comparing GPLVM Approaches for Dimensionality Reduction in Character Animation",
Journal of WSCG, vol. 16, no 1-3, pp. 41-48, 2008.
[2] Alexandra Branzan-Albu, Robert Bergevin and Sébastien Quirion,
"Generic Temporal Segmentation of Cyclic Human Motion",
Pattern Recognition, vol. 41, no 1, pp. 6-21, January 2008.
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[3] Sébastien Quirion, Denis Laurendeau and Mario Marchand,
"Automated Learning and Synthesis of Physics-based, Natural-looking Human Motions",
in 16th Annual Canadian Conference on Intelligent Systems, IS-2006, (Victoria, B.C.), May 31 - June 2 2006.
[4] Mohamed Aounallah, Sébastien Quirion and Guy Mineau,
"Forage distribué des données : une comparaison entre l'agrégation d'échantillons et l'agrégation de règles",
Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information, Extraction et Gestion de Connaissances, vol. 1, no E-3, pp. 43-54, 2005.
[5] Sébastien Quirion, Alexandra Branzan-Albu and Robert Bergevin,
"Skeleton-based temporal segmentation of human activities from video sequences",
in 13th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2005 (WSCG 2005), (Plzen-Broy, Czech Republic), pp. 145 - 149, February 2005.
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[6] Mohamed Aounallah, Sébastien Quirion and Guy Mineau,
"Distributed Data Mining vs Sampling Techniques: a Comparison",
Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 17th Conference of the Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence, pp. 454 - 460, May 2004.
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[7] Frédéric Jean, Sébastien Quirion, Robert Bergevin and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"Skeleton-based Segmentation and Recognition of Human Activities from Video Sequences",
in 14th Annual Canadian Conference on Intelligent Systems (IS 2004), (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), pp. 46, June 6-8 2004.
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