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May 14 2013 11:30AM

Prof. Jozsef Kövecses
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University

Dynamics of Haptic Devices and the Role of Mechanical Properties in Haptic Rendering


The dynamics behaviour of a haptic device can significantly influence the quality and nature of haptic rendering and performance. This dynamics primarily depends on the mechanical properties of the device and the realization of the virtual environment. Representative models are important to understand the effect of the mechanical system properties on the haptic dynamics. We introduce and discuss such models starting from general principles of mechanics applied to haptic devices. Such devices can be seen as multibody systems possessing several active and passive degrees of freedom. We outline a systematic framework for the development of parametric mechanical models for the analysis of haptic systems. The consideration and effects of structural flexibility are also discussed. Structural flexibility may seriously limit haptic performance and impedance range, and can lead to high-frequency oscillations. The results are validated and illustrated experimentally.

Note: This seminar will be presented on TUESDAY, May 14, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. in room Pouliot-2700.


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