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[1] Jean-Nicolas Ouellet and Patrick Hébert,
"ASN: Image Keypoint Detection from Adaptive Shape Neighborhood",
in European Conference on Computer Vision, pp. 454-467, 2008.
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[2] Jean-Nicolas Ouellet and Patrick Hébert,
"Precise Ellipse Estimation Without Contour Point Extraction",
Machine Vision and Applications, pp. to appear, 2008.
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[3] Jean-Nicolas Ouellet, Félix Rochette and Patrick Hébert,
"Geometric Calibration of a Structured Light System Using Circular Control Points",
in 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission, pp. 183-190, 2008.
[4] Jean-Nicolas Ouellet and Patrick Hébert,
"A Simple Operator for Very Precise Estimation of Ellipses",
in CRV '07: Proceedings of the Fourth Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, (Montréal, Qc, Canada), pp. 21--28, IEEE Computer Society, 28 - 30 May 2007.
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[5] Jean-Daniel Deschênes, Patrick Hébert, Philippe Lambert, Jean-Nicolas Ouellet and Dragan Tubic,
"Multiresolution Interactive Modeling with Efficient Visualization",
in IEEE 5th International Conf. on 3-D Digitial Imaging and Modeling, (Ottawa, Canada), June 13-16 2005.
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[6] Jean-Nicolas Ouellet and Patrick Hébert,
"Developing Assistant Tools for Geometric Camera Calibration:Assessing the Quality of Input Images",
in International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), (Cambridge, UK), August 23-26 2004.
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