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[1] Alexandra Branzan-Albu, Denis Laurendeau, Sylvain Comtois, Denis Ouellet, Patrick Hébert, André Zaccarin, Marc Parizeau, Robert Bergevin, Xavier Maldague, Richard Drouin, Stéphane Drouin, Nicolas Martel-Brisson, Frédéric Jean, Hélène Torresan, Langis Gagnon and France Laliberté,
"MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras",
in International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2006), (Hong Kong, China), August 20-24 2006.
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[2] Richard Drouin, Denis Laurendeau and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"MONNET : Simulation of the inter-node communication strategy for a network of loosely-coupled nodes in a surveillance application",
in 14th Canadian Conference on Intelligent Systems, (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), pp. 23, June 6-8 2004.
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[3] Marielle Mokhtari, François Lemieux, François Bernier, Denis Ouellet, Richard Drouin, Denis Laurendeau and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"Virtual Environment and Sensori-Motor Activities : Visualization",
in The 12th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision'2004, ( University of West Bohemia, Plzen - Bory, Czech Republic), pp. 293-300, UNION Agency - Science Press, Plzen, Czech Republic, Feb. 2-6 2004.
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