The use of 3D data for cartography and autonomous exploration of urban environments
Jonathon Fournier
Denis Laurendeau (Supervisor)
Approach: An increasingly common solution to support military forces in urbain environments consists in using robotic platforms to carry out high risk tasks. Within this context, this research project has enabled the development of a system using a 3D volumetric sensor to model urbain environments and efficiently explore these environments with the help of an autonomous mobile platform. An important aspect of this project is that the 3D model of the environment is preserved in the form of a multiresolution octree throughout the process. Thus the cartographic, exploration and navigation modules which compose the mobile platform can access the 3D model at all times so as to complete their respective tasks. From the results obtained for tests conducted in simulation and in a real environment, it was possible to validate that the system developed allows the exploration of an environment in an autonomous fashion while simultaneously generating a complete 3D model of the explored environment.
Calendar: September 2005 - September 2007
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