About Nabila Bouzida
Nabila Bouzida
Job title:
Former student
Research interests:
  • Non-destructive evaluation using infrared imaging
  • Medical applications of infrared thermography: Passive and active approaches.
  • Assistance in the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases (arthritis in the hands) and blood flow problems (primitive varicous veins).
  • Hand vein signature extraction in the Near and MidWave Infrared spectral bands (NIR & MWIR). Vein Biometrics.
  • visualization of the body thermoregulation by infrared imaging.

Previous research interests

  • Analysis and filtering of cerebral signals (ElectroEncephaloGraphic EEG) using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) for the prediction of epileptic seizures.
  • Brain Computer Interface BCI applications
  • Monitoring of thermal systems using neural networks.
  • Face recognition through the decomposition into eigenfaces.

  • Teacher Assistant. Course " Electrical Circuits GEL-21945", Winter 2007, Laval University, Canada.
  • Teacher Assistant .Course " Electrical Circuits GEL-21945", Winter 2008, Laval University, Canada.
  • Teacher Assistant. Course " Electrical Circuits GEL-21945", Winter 2009, Laval University, Canada.

Activities and Associations:
  • Member of the Infrared Canadian Chair, MiViM (Multipolar Infrared Vision).
  • Member of the REPARTI Network (Regroupement pour l'Etude des environnements PARtagés Intelligents répartis)
  • Member of INNS (International Neural Network Society) and SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering)
  • Extracurricular Activities: Badminton, Plastic arts (painting, sketch, portrait), Piano.

  • Distinctions and Awards:
    • Bursary awarded by Prof. Bendada -( CRSNG- Découverte). 2008.
    • Bursary for excellence, awarded by Shell Canada, winter 2007.
    • Explore Bursary awarded by the Canadian Government, summer 2007.


    Collaborative work and Supervised projects (1)

    Available publications (9)


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