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[1] Nabila Bouzida, Abdel Hakim Bendada and Xavier Maldague,
"Near-Infrared Image Formation and Processing for the Hand Veins Extraction",
AITA 2009 - Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications, Florence, Italy, September 8 - 11 2009.
[2] Nabila Bouzida, Abdel Hakim Bendada and Xavier Maldague,
"Visualization of Body Thermoregulation by Infrared Imaging",
Journal Of Thermal Biology- Elsevier. K. Bowler and J.E. Heath, Eds., Number 34, Received 21 July 2008; accepted 7 November 2008. Available online 13 December., vol. 34, no 3, pp. 120 -126, 2009.
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[3] Nhat-Tan Nguyen, Denis Laurendeau and Alexandra Branzan-Albu,
"A new segmentation method for MRI images of the shoulder joint",
in 4th Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), May 2007.
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[4] Nabila Bouzida, Laurent Peyrodie and Christian Vasseur,
"ICA and a gauge of filter for the automatic filtering of an EEG signal",
IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN '05), Montreal, Canada., pp. 2508-2513 vol. 4, 31 2005-Aug. 4 2005.

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