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Near-Infrared Image Formation and Processing for the Hand Veins Extraction

Nabila Bouzida, Abdel Hakim Bendada and Xavier Maldague

Abstract - The main objective of this work is to extract the hand vein network using a non-invasive technique in the Near-Infrared region (NIR). The visualization of the veins is based on a relevant feature of the blood in relation with certain wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. In the present paper, we first introduce the image formation in the NIR spectral band. Then, the acquisition system will be presented as well as the method used for the image processing in order to extract the vein signature. Extractions of this pattern on the finger, on the wrist and on the dorsal hand are achieved after exposing the hand to an optical stimulation by reflection or transmission of light. In this work, we present meaningful results of the extracted vein pattern demonstrating the utility of the method for a clinical application like the diagnosis of vein disease, of primitive varicose vein and also for applications in vein biometrics.


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