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Impact of the Quality of Spatial 3D City Models on Sensor Networks Placement Optimization

Meysam Argany, Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi, Vahab Akbarzadeh, Christian Gagné and Reda Yaagoubi

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Abstract - Sensor networks are increasingly used for tracking, monitoring and observing spatial dynamic phenomena in the real world (e.g. urban area). In order to ensure an efficient deployment of a sensor network, several optimization algorithms have been proposed in recent years. Most of these algorithms often rely on oversimplified sensor models. In addition, they do not consider information on the terrain topography, city models, and the presence of diverse obstacles in the sensing area (e.g. buildings, trees, poles). Only some of those optimization algorithms attempt to consider the terrain information in the optimization of a sensor network deployment. However, most of these algorithms consider that the spatial models used for this purpose are perfect representations of the reality and are not sensitive to the quality of the information. However, spatial models are simplified representations of a complex reality, and hence are inherently uncertain. In this paper we will investigate the impact of the spatial data quality on the optimization of a sensor network and its spatial coverage in an urban area. For this purpose, we will investigate specific implications of spatial data quality criteria for a 3D city model that will be used in sensor network optimization algorithms. Then, we will analyze the impact of some of those criteria on the estimation of sensor network coverage. Afterwards, a case study for sensor network deployment in an urban area will be presented. This case study will demonstrate the impact of 3D city models quality on the estimation of coverage using global and local optimization algorithms. Finally, the results obtained from this experimentation will be presented and discussed.

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