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[11] Marc Parizeau and Réjean Plamondon,
"A Comparative Analysis of Regional Correlation, Dynamic Time Warping and Skeletal Tree Matching for Signature Verification",
IEEE transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 12, no 7, pp. 710-717, July 1990.
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[12] Marc Parizeau and Réjean Plamondon,
"What Types of Scripts can be used for Personal Identity Verification?",
in Computer Recognition and Human Production of Handwriting(R. Plamondon, C.Y. Suen & M.L. Simner ed.), pp. 77-90, World Scientific Publishing, 1989.
[13] Réjean Plamondon and Marc Parizeau,
"Signature Verification from Position, Velocity and Acceleration Signals: A Comparative Study",
in Proc. of the 9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pp. 260-265, November 14-17 1988.
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[14] Marc Parizeau and Réjean Plamondon,
"Relative Performances of Signature, Handwritten Password and Initials for Personal Identification",
in Proc. of the Third International Symposium on Handwriting and Computer Applications, pp. 164-166, July 20-23 1987.

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