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[1] Martin Lavallière, Nathan Ngan, Mathieu Tremblay, Denis Laurendeau, Charles Scialfa, Martin Simoneau and Normand Teasdale,
"Age-Related Deficits in the Frequency of Gaze Responses to the Mirrors and Blind-Spot During Lane Change Maneuvers of Various Complexity",
in 4th Int. Driving Symp. on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training, and Vehicle Design, (Stevenson, Wash.), July 9-12 2007.
[2] Marc Lalonde, David Byrns, Langis Gagnon, Normand Teasdale and Denis Laurendeau,
"Real-time eye blink detection with GPU-based SIFT tracking",
in Proc. of the Int. workshop on Video Processing and Recognition, 4th CRV07, (Montréal), May 28-30 2007.
[3] Frédéric Ntawiniga, Denis Laurendeau, Normand Teasdale and Martin Simoneau,
"A Computer Vision System for Automatic Analysis of the Cephalo-Ocular Behaviour of Drivers",
Fifth International Conference on INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION, June 2007.
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[4] Normand Teasdale, Nathan Ngan, Martin Lavallière, Mathieu Tremblay, Denis Laurendeau and Martin Simoneau,
"Coordination between gaze, head and steering control in young and elderly drivers",
in 4th Annual STISIM Drive User Group Meeting, (MIT, Massachusetts), October 25-26 2006.

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