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Les Séminaires CerVIM, Université Laval ont lieu le vendredi à 11h00.
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Duc Thien Luong
Laboratoire de Vision et Systèmes Numériques
Dép. de génie électrique et de génie informatique, Université Laval

Webinaire CeRVIM : Parallelism For A Fast and Interactive Visualization For Big 3D Data


In recent years, the needs for 3D visualization have significantly increased in a wide range of applications: research, industry, entertainment, transport, security, even finance and investment. All of these applications involve processing and visualizing big data. There are 3 main obstacles in visualizing the big data. First, the computation workload of the 3D data can exceed the capacity of the commercial memory core (RAM). Secondly, the popular methodology in computing requires long computation times. Thirdly, interactivity between the users and the system is not preserved when we move the displaying screen because of the system delays. The proposed parallelism method is built to overcome each of these three problems. Although we use a powerful PC to develop this method, there is no requirement for special hardware. This method only focuses on programming methodology and software solutions. In addition, we maximize the use of GPU computing and parallel programming to reduce processing time.

La présentation sera donnée en anglais et les diapos seront en anglais.

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