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Born in Poland in 1955, Jan Czuban studied at the "Academy of Fine Arts" in Krakow and Gdansk and received his Bachelor of Geodesy.

Known for his paintings and drawings, Jan produced more than twenty exhibits throughout Poland, which by 1980 brought him the most prestigious award "Les insurrections en SilÚsie en arts" and the sale of two of his paintings to the SilÚsie museum.

While collaborating with advertising agencies in Poland, Austria and Belgium he created icons which were quickly purchased by European collectors.

In 1981, Jan went to France to promote and to exhibit his works. At the end of 1981, after receiving his citizenship, he chose to relocate and in 1982 came to Canada with his family.

Immediately on his arrival, Jan started to work for a city newspaper "LeDroit", as a graphic artist, and also creating icons and two complete sets of icons for the cities of Kingston and Sault St-Marie. His beautiful and artistic icons have been purchased by the Ukrainian Seminary, in Ottawa, and several private collectors in Canada, the United States and Europe.

With this immense success he quits "LeDroit" in 1989 and forms his own company, "Graph-Pol". For several years, Jan develops the sole touristic concepts for many ski stations in France and creates the promotional poster for the winter Olympics in Albertville.

On August 22nd 2000, Jan Czuban was received in a private audience by the Pope John Paul II. It was in Castel Gandolfo that he offered his icon for the celebration of the year 2000. (see Icon #34 et Vatican 2000 )

The ease and expertise in the use of various and unique techniques gives Jan the ability of creating and perfecting is art in various and beautiful forms.

Jan prefers to paint figurative and historical themes, but also likes to create icons. Since the creation of icons is never reproductive and, based on traditional techniques, his icons are always original creations designed to please his patrons.

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