Projector-Based Dual-Resolution Stereoscopic Display

Our stereoscopic setup. (left) two projectors, (right) adding insets with two additional projectors, from the same eye positions.



We present a stereoscopic display system which incorporates a high-resolution inset image, or fovea. We describe the specific problem of false depth cues along the boundaries of the inset image, and propose a solution in which the boundaries of the inset image are dynamically adapted as a function of the geometry of the scene. This method produces comfortable stereoscopic viewing at a low additional computational cost. The four projectors need only be approximately aligned: a single drawing pass is required, regardless of projector alignment, since the warping is applied as part of the 3-D rendering process.

IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, 2004

Paper thumbnail Guy Godin, Jean-François Lalonde, and Louis Borgeat. Projector-Based Dual-Resolution Stereoscopic Display. IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality, 2004. [PDF], [BibTeX]

Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, 2004

Parts of this work previously appeared at the Eighth Immersive Projection Technology Workshop in 2004.

Paper thumbnail Guy Godin, Jean-François Lalonde, and Louis Borgeat. Dual-Resolution Stereoscopic Display with Scene-Adaptive Fovea Boundaries. Eighth International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, May 13-14, 2004, Ames, IA, USA. [PDF], [BibTeX]

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