irtual Environments, from 3D Representations
to Task planning and EXecution

What's New

Demo sequences presented by D. Poussart as part of the 3DIM'99 conference. The sequences use the CORBA Real-Time architecture which is at the core of the current Vertex distributed environment.

Summary of the project

Proposal (Coming soon)

VERTEX: the White Paper

The partners

Principal Investigators
Robert Bergevin, U. Laval
Roy Eagleson, U. Western Ontario
Frank P. Ferrie, McGill U.
Paul Freedman, CRIM
Clément Gosselin, U. Laval
Denis Laurendeau, U. Laval
Benoît Montreuil, U. Laval
Meyer Nahon, U. of Victoria
Jean-Claude Piedboeuf, Canadian Space Agency
Denis Poussart, U. Laval
André Zaccarin, U. Laval
Pierre Zakarauskas, U. of British Columbia

Industrial Research Team
Martin Beaudoin, Robotics Division, IREQ
Jean Côté, Robotics Division, IREQ
Alain Croteau, Robotics Division, IREQ
Pierre Girard, Robotics Division, IREQ
Régis Houde, Robotics Division, IREQ
Jean Lavallée, Robotics Division, IREQ
Éric Lavoie, Robotics Division, IREQ
Jean Lessard, Robotics Division, IREQ

Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montréal
Canadian Space Agency
HexaVision Technologies
Hydro Québec
International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
McGill University
Tetra Technologies
University of British Columbia
Université Laval
University of Victoria
The University of Western Ontario
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